Why Train with an ADE® Instructor?

Train with an ADE® approved instructor and join the premier international organization of professional Redesigners and Stagers!

ADE is a not-for-profit international organization of professional Redesigners and Stagers dedicated to communication, education and collaboration within the interior redesign and staging community. Our training standards are the highest and most comprehensive in the industry.

Why should you train with an ADE approved instructor?

All ADE instructors offer five-day training programs in the redesign/staging concepts and their course manuals and content meet the stringent requirements of the ADE Training committee.

  • EXCELLENCE: ADE is the world’s premier interior redesign and real estate staging organization.
  • EXPERIENCE: ADE approved instructors are successful redesign and staging business owners who have made a committed decision to share their professional expertise with others.
  • CONSISTENCY: ADE trainers create and submit their own course manuals according to a strict set of criteria.
  • VISIBILITY: ADE instructors actively promote the industry within their communities and with local and national media.
  • INTEGRITY: ADE instructors follow a strict code of ethics with a strong commitment to educate and to insure a comprehensive and quality training program.
  • COMPREHENSIVE: Each instructor provides a comprehensive and exciting course, which includes a variety of valuable hands-on exercises and detailed how-to presentations.
  • PERSONALIZED: The maximum class size of six students creates an ideal training setting for an optimized learning experience. During the week, instructors can spend more time with each individual student and the students have greater access to the instructor’s experience and knowledge.