She helped me to find floor tile, furniture, carpeting and granite. She has lots of contacts in the area and we would meet to go to their showrooms. She has a marvelous sense of what will work for the individual-I have a feeling she must have taken a course in psychology. She made everything easy for me, we became good friends and I would recommend her to anyone anytime.

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Originally all I wanted to do was replace the carpeting with tiles and once that was done the furniture looked pretty drab against it so we went shopping for couches and coffee tables and area rugs. Once they were in the living room the existing drapes looked pretty awful so we contacted a Jacksonville provider who came down in her van to show us everything she had and the three of us decided what would look best. Once the drapes were up Barb and I decided it was time to look for granite for the kitchen counters (my dining nook and kitchen open into the living room so it was important to get the colors just right) and we visited four or five outfits in the area before choosing just the right one (Barb has the most amazing sense of what will be just right) and then once the granite was installed we picked out the tiles for the back splash which of course look perfect! Whenever I was in doubt about a choice I’d ask Barb if she really thought something or other would be the right color or design and if she said she was sure we went with it. My friends and family are amazed at the transfiguration of my living room/kitchen area from something fairly ho-hum to Home and Garden quality look.